Better Brake Services Starts at Payless Tires.

Better Brake Services Starts at Payless Tires.

During the life of your vehicle, you should expect to replace brake pads and rotors at least once. How frequently you’ll need brakes depends on how often you drive, how fast your drive, and the quality of the parts.

Payless Tires specializes in brakes. From maintenance to installing new brake parts, we ensure safe brake performance.

When Do I Need Brake Service?

You should ask a service technician to check your brakes when you rotate your tires – roughly every six months.

You might not think about your brake system often, but the power to stop safely can be the difference between a close call and exchanging insurance info.

If your brake system isn’t performing as it should, it’s wise to have your brakes checked to identify the problem’s source and fix it.

Here are a few issues that require brake service:

  • The brake pedal is hard to push down
  • The brake pedal is “squishy” or “soft”
  • Your brakes lock up
  • You hear a high squeal or grind when stopping
  • There’s uneven rotor wear

When you notice a change in brake performance, don’t wait! Set an appointment with Matteo and his team.

Brake Repair

Our services include:

  • Parking Brake Adjustment
  • Rear Disc Brake Repair
  • Front Disc Brake Repair
  • Brake Inspection
  • Brake Rotor Replacement
  • Rear Drum Brake Repair

We’ll discuss repair options if we find a problem with your brakes. A minor repair can prevent a major repair, or something worse, in the future.

Schedule an appointment to get a quote and repair.

Brake Services for Temple, TX